The only 4 pages your site needs

the only 4 pages you need.jpg

When you are running a business on the internet, it makes sense that you have a website.  Don’t fret, it’s easier than you think.  Whether you hire someone or not, you still need to follow these steps in the creation of your site.

  1. Find a home

  2. Decide what pages you need

  3. Determine the content

  4. Write copy


1 | Find a home

The only place to call home on the internet is Squarespace, in my opinion.  Wordpress is by far the most widely used tool but I found it to be rather cumbersome and tricky to learn.  Squarespace is just the opposite.  HEre’s why:

Free Domain

Squarespace is not just a website builder, they will also give you a free domain when you pay for your first year in full, which is around $100 for the Personal Plan!  

Web Hosting

Squarespace is also the host of your website so you don’t have to worry about multiple vendors, it’s all housed together and their customer service is excellent.  I’ll link to some great help pages in this post.

Website templates

You can choose from a multitude of themes.  The thing to look for is what features you want in your site.  Squarespace has summaries of all the main templates so you can determine what functions you want for your site.  

2| Decide what pages you need

When you first start up your website, you really only need a few pages, Home, About, Services and Blog.  You should decide what the function is for and what you need to put on each page.  Yep, I made you a worksheet to help you out with this!




For each page, you want to think about its purpose and what you want the reader to do while on the page.  Keep the language simple and to the point, do not use any jargon or fancy words.  This is not the time to be cute or clever.

3 | Determine the content

Home Page

  • General overview of what you do

  • How can you help

  • Before and after

About Page

  • Why you love doing what you do

  • Who you do it for

  • How you do it

  • Pictures of yourself

  • A few fun facts

  • Contact form

Services Page

  • What services do you have

  • What’s the result I can expect

  • How will this make your client’s life better

  • Call to action

  • Pricing

  • Next steps


  • Pick 3-5 categories to write about

  • Be intentional

  • Be consistent with posting

  • Always add a pinnable graphic


4 | Write the copy

When writing copy, it is important to first, do a brain dump.  Just open a doc and let the words flow.  The more you write the better you will get at it.  Write conversationally as if you are speaking directly to the reader.

Then go back and clean up the spelling and wording.  Give it a read and move things around as needed.

Previously I suggested not being clever, but that is actually encouraged when writing headlines.  Have fun with them and use them to break up the page and draw the eye down the page.

Remember to always show not tell what you do.  You want to paint a picture of how great their life will be after working with you.  

When you are creating your website or if you are hiring someone to do it for you.  This is a handy reference so you keep the site simple and not get crazy.  It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and the next thing you know you’ve got all these pages that don’t have any real purpose.  It’s better to start small and build from there. Don’t ask me how I know that…



What four pages did you create for your site?  Leave your link below or tag me in social media so I can check it out!