Building your list? Here's the best 4 email platforms to consider.

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The number one asset you have in your business besides your business genius is your people, your tribe, your community or whatever you prefer to call them.  This means you must constantly be growing your list (I highly recommend Natalie Lussier's free 30-day challenge). 

When I was searching for the best email platform for my business, I tested out multiple options.  The system had to be easy to set up, well priced, and one that I could get behind to recommend to my clients.  These are the 4 that stood out. 


I used Mailerlite once I wanted true automation but, overall found it too basic for me and fussy to set up.  The premade email templates are drag and drop, making it easy to create your own templates but to customize them further is limited. 

For example, using the footer with your picture and contact info, you have only two choices on where to put the picture.  Webforms were similar in that respect.

There are few different options but if you want more customization you’d be better with another platform.  One feature I really liked was the send test email feature, no need to create the dummy list to test everything out on. 

0-1000 subscribers are free + paid options


Mail Chimp

Mail chimp was being used by all the cool kids so naturally, I started out with it.  Plus, I saw it stamped on nearly every other software that I was considering to use in my business, so took that as a good sign. 

It was really easy to navigate, customize and see what I had done.  It was simple to attach files as well.  Setting up my mailing list op-tin was a breeze, including the addition of the opt-in file to the thank you email.

One thing I disliked was that if a person is on 3 lists, that eats up your number of contacts, so you end up paying for that person 3 times over instead of just once. 

Mail Chimp is probably the most widely recognized platform and integrates with just about everything, a very nice feature. Automation was a paid feature so I ended up setting alarms to send out my emails on a regular basis.  Eventually moving to Mailerlite for that feature then to ConvertKit.

0-2000 subscribers free + paid options

***EDIT: Mail Chimp now has automation as part of their free service!***


After trying out Mail Chimp and Mailerlite and hearing good things, I decided to bite the bullet and give ConvertKit a try.  I was really happy with how easy it is to set up my automation within it. 

ConvertKit is a simple framework and intuitive in that you barely have to think about what you are doing.  Great!  The way everything is worded helps, for example when setting up automations, it asks what you want it to do, then what you want it to do next and gives you the options.  Such a relief after trying to figure out he steps and testing out a million times on Mailerlite.  

Same price for all features.  No free trial but they also have a money back guarantee so you can test it out without any problem.



I did not actually try Ontraport because of the cost factor at the time and not really needing all the features to justify it.  After I master ConvertKit I do plan to also master Ontraport so I have the two options for my clients.  What I like about Ontraport is that it has all your business tools rolled up into one package.  It will do your website, membership sites, shop, email marketing automation, all your payment needs, CRM, and dashboard all automated as needed.  

Money back guarantee for different levels of service. 

What's your favorite email platform?  Why do you love it?