Creating your editorial calendar

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When I was getting started with my business, everywhere I turned there were posts about blogging and list building and social media posting and it was quite overwhelming.  Many of us make the mistake of thinking that we have to have something to sell before we can start to do those things. 

You couldn’t be more wrong.  Even if you haven’t created a paid offering for your readers, you can still begin to grow your following by sharing your knowledge.  Often when I suggest this I am met with blank nervous stares and the question but what do I sell if I give it all away?!

Trust me, once you get going this will not be an issue.  Especially if you have a system in place that encourages content creation.  Something I wish I had learned much sooner. 

I’m a big believer in sharing your knowledge.  

When you share your knowledge you are showing why you are an expert in this area, you let the reader into your world so they can get to know you better and when they are ready to buy or you are ready to sell, they already know what to expect from you. 

So let’s say you share your knowledge through your blog, social media and the like.  Your following is growing, they know, like and trust you so that once you create that offering, they are ready to pounce and eat it up! 

Because content is so important, I’ve come up with this system to keep me in the groove of content creation and sharing of that content. 


Plan your year

Now take a calendar and mark off all the events and occasions happening over the next year.  Include both personal and business, anything that could impact your content or the scheduling.  Weddings, vacations, launches, that sort of thing.

Do you want to give each month a theme?  Or work with launches?  I launch my services on a quarterly basis so I use that as my baseline. 

I like to schedule holiday related posts in keeping with the other posting I am doing at the time.

A note about holidays.  Feel free to acknowledge whatever it is you celebrate, Christmas should not be a bad word on your blog!  Your ideal clients will celebrate with you even if it's not an occasion they recognize.  Those who walk away are not anyone you want to work with anyway, so let’em go!

Decide how you want to post

Don’t have a panic attack thinking you now have to come up with 365 blog posts per year!  Look at your life, what is reasonable to expect?  Whatever you decide, be consistent in posting so your audience can rely on you. 

Most bloggers post once a week, but there are some that post once a month and others that post every day! Do what works for you. 

Social media is a bit different depending on the platform you are posting to and much of that content can be reused over the course of a year.

You may decide you’d like to post more than once a week with each day you post relating to a particular category.  Or you may wish to rotate through your categories.  


Choose the plan that works best for you:


Instead of creating entirely new content for my newsletter, I rejig the blog post and add a little something extra for my list. It gets sent out the day before the blog is published to give further incentive to be on my list rather than just wait for the new posts to go live. You can see the process in the workflow page of the workbook.

Plan your quarter

Now that your year is planned, break it down, how do you need to prepare for your goals this year?  Launches usually require at least 2 months or so of planning and execution.   If you are posting once a week, you may want to post more frequently the week or two before the launch.  

What does your reader need to know or do in this quarter.  If you are launching you’ll want to gear your posts in the direction of the product you are selling.

Plan how you plan

Whaaa? That sounds a little off doesn’t it?  This is where you really need to consider how you operate.  My suggestion would be to batch and/or  time block your tasks rather than do a little bit every day. 

For me when I get into the groove of writing I’m better to keep on rolling rather than stop, create graphics, wrap the post up into a tidy Google folder then start the next one.  So I tend to write a few posts, then the next day create the graphics for them.  But again, do what works best for you and will keep you motivated to stay on top of your content creation.


Editorial calendar


If you are a paper junkie like me, you could schedule out your posts on an actual calendar or you can use Google calendar. I do both because I think better with paper in front of my then I can translate it to the calendar and move things around until they make sense.  

You may find once you actually get some content created you want to switch up the order of the posts and that is totally fine.  You’re the boss!

So now you’ve got your plan, your calendar and categories planned out. Go do some writing while your mind is still buzzin about it.  But don’t forget to grab your workbook first!



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