How to double your income in 60 days

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Update all profiles to be the same

A common look and feel is super important for your entire presence.  This helps your audience know for sure that this is you and allows them to get to know you better. 

Take a few minutes to go over all your social media profiles, Facebook pages, Gravatar and anywhere else you have a profile.  Update your picture and your bio so they’re all the same.

Don’t forget to test out your link!  

Trim the fat

Review your offerings – both free and paid. 

Focus only on those that are actually bringing in traffic and money.

Everything should be taken off your website for now. 

It’s easier to double your income when you’ve got only 1-3 offerings in your sights. 

Automate... everything

Time is the most precious resource we have.  The best way to get more of it is to automate everything you possibly can. 

My favorite automation is social media. With all the schedulers out there, you can easily set up your social media posts for a month or more in advance. Some even will recycle posts for you. 

You can also automate your client process, sales, thank you, even launches! 

Dig into the analytics

The numbers are important because good numbers on your site equals good numbers in your bank account. 

A little investigation into what the analytics are showing, can tell you a great story about what’s working and why or what’s not.

Repurpose old content

Instead of stressing over creating all new content for your offerings, let’s take a look at the gold mine you are sitting on – of old content. 

Often all an old blog post needs is a quick update and a new graphic – done! 

Dig through your older stuff and see what you can put together to create a 5-7 day email course, or a work book. 

You could also add some content upgrades to your older posts. 

Either way, get in there and see what you’ve got!  Give it a make-over and post it on social media!

Upgrade to a project management system

You’ve got some sort of system going to manage your work right?  Right? 

There’s a ton of apps out there that can make your life easier.  Look for one that you jive with immediately. It should also easily integrate new staff and assign tasks.  Being easy to update by anyone using it is a plus too. 

Delegate and Hire

You cannot do it all. Nope, sorry, not possible.
Doing it all yourself will just take away from your fabulousness and actually cost you business.

So do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and take a few days to track what it is you’d rather not do and delegate that stuff out!

Focus on the things you absolutely rock at and leave the rest to us OBM’s.

Increase your prices

Yes, raising the rent will actually help you attract quality clients.  I promise! 

Make packages for your clients of common items they order together consistently.

If you have a lot of fiddly wee charges, add them into your packages as added value.  Your clients will thank you for a simpler invoice to track and the piece of mind of knowing that you’ve got their back.

Create a simple VIP offering

Everyone loves to be treated like a Queen.  So create a VIP experience she will die for! 

A few hours with you to accomplish a super goal she’s been aching for.
It can be in-person or via a teleconference, whatever works for you.  The key is to create a complete experience where she walks away having solved a problem and with tools to keep going.

Give yourself permission

Mindset is the #1 reason why we fail. 

Shiny object syndrome. SQUIRRELS! Family obligations.  Whatever you call it, it’s boils down to mindset.

I am here to tell you that it is ok to do things at your own pace. It is safe to earn money.  It is safe to buy nice things.  It is ok to send your children to that fancy school.  Whatever it is that is holding you back, you need to let go and give yourself permission. 

If you are being told that you are nuts for wanting what you want, you know you are on the right track.  These people speak to their own insecurities and fears, not yours. 

Go for your dreams and do not let anyone stop you – not even you. 

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