What the heck does a home stager do anyway?

Many of those who need staging the most, realtors, seem to have no idea what staging is nor do they understand how beneficial it is to their livelihood. So today’s post is to help make that more clear.  Many realtors I have spoken to think staging is fluffing pillows and choosing paint colors, which they can do because beige goes with everything right?  WRONG! 

When you hire a home stager you are getting so much more than fluffy pillows and some decluttering.  And while I’m at it, staging is NOT decorating. Sure there’s similar principles but the aim and results are completely different.

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Case Study: Allenby House

When I was asked to lend a hand with Allenby House, it had been on the market a while. The property had lots of showings but no bites so it was my job to figure out how to change that and get an offer in.

We got this work done in the few hours between the call and the next showing with the reward being an offer within 48 hours of these changes.  In the process, the owners invited me back to help them choose a color palette and fixtures for the new house so stay tuned for that.

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